Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday of 02. on the 23 day. in the 10th year.

Today started off we a good morning call from my best friend. ha I was kinda mean and onry when he called but it started off the day right. ha He is funny. He kept yelling at me to get up but I never did. Went to class took my test. Still waiting on how I did. Came home did both my math assignments and wrote my physics assignment all pretty down, even drew pictures for each one. ha Went to physics then came home and read my 9 pages of the book of mormon. Justin's president thinks it's a good idea for us to read the book of mormon together but not pysically together. ha We started yesterday and I've got a great start. Finished and went to math. Josh, (jessi and my math buddy) asked if we would like to all start studying for math together so that we get homework done and can study for our tests. We are meeting tomorrow. Oh yeah I need to get a room set up in the library for that. my bad. We're in room 334a from 1:30-3:30 just in case you wanted to know. ha Came home room math and made scones. =) the sisters came and had dinner with us tonight. We made ultimate scones with chips and chili and cheese on them. yummmmmmy. =) Watched 500 days of summer. gay show. Wasn't to excited about that one. Came home showered. Talked to the roommates then blog. Over all an excellent day!!
Eric is out with brings. They went to a bar tonight. Kinda makes me nervous. blah. His phone died. I might just kill him. He's coming in 18 days. and guess what we found out is coming to Utah in march?! DISNEY ON ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh i'm so excited. We're going March 13th. Grab a date and come with us. =) It'll be way fun. Shell and I are making shirt but only for ourselves this time. no stress for us thank you. ha well a little show called secret life is calling my name. ha
Love truly,

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