Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 2010

Got a letter from Justin saying the only thing between us now is his birthday. ha His birthday is exactly 1 month today. It's amazing how fast time flies.

Today was a pretty crazy day with class but made it through it. Paper is written and the girls are making dinner tonight! =) I got a night off. ha I love my roommates. I'm getting sad thinking about moving out and not have them live with me. These girls have become my true sisters. We run to each other for everything and boy gossip time is awesome. When girl starts dating a new boy we all wait up waiting to hear about the date or even that kiss. The secret knock comes and than we just look at each other and start screaming! AHHH A KISS. ha who else does that besides me and my roommates. Ha.

On couch: Ashlee, Camille, Jess, Kate, Chirelle

On floor: Holly.
The girls just said dinner is done and Holly is bragging about how she made tator tots. Last time we let her make eggs it was a disaster. ha Oh the good times. Many inside jokes. I think our favorite is "swimming". ha I will for sure miss all these girls when it comes to the end of this semester. But we'll forever be friends.

Tonight the Aggie's are playing Lousiana Tech. It's on ESPN 2. So everyone watch and look for us!! ha you don't wanna forget Bill either. What will his crazy outfit or lack of outfit be for the night. ahahaha Last week Bill made it on the Not Top Ten List on ESPN. Go Aggies!!! Can't wait to do our scottsman again and the winning team chant! =) I love school pride. ha

Well the game was awesome! Tight game the whole time. fans were on fire. ha But in the end The Aggies won!!! 67 to 61. My boy Tai was amazing. I'm glad he's my boyfriend. ha Goodnight to the world. Hello eye lids.

Love truly,


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