Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday of 02. on the 23 day. in the 10th year.

Today started off we a good morning call from my best friend. ha I was kinda mean and onry when he called but it started off the day right. ha He is funny. He kept yelling at me to get up but I never did. Went to class took my test. Still waiting on how I did. Came home did both my math assignments and wrote my physics assignment all pretty down, even drew pictures for each one. ha Went to physics then came home and read my 9 pages of the book of mormon. Justin's president thinks it's a good idea for us to read the book of mormon together but not pysically together. ha We started yesterday and I've got a great start. Finished and went to math. Josh, (jessi and my math buddy) asked if we would like to all start studying for math together so that we get homework done and can study for our tests. We are meeting tomorrow. Oh yeah I need to get a room set up in the library for that. my bad. We're in room 334a from 1:30-3:30 just in case you wanted to know. ha Came home room math and made scones. =) the sisters came and had dinner with us tonight. We made ultimate scones with chips and chili and cheese on them. yummmmmmy. =) Watched 500 days of summer. gay show. Wasn't to excited about that one. Came home showered. Talked to the roommates then blog. Over all an excellent day!!
Eric is out with brings. They went to a bar tonight. Kinda makes me nervous. blah. His phone died. I might just kill him. He's coming in 18 days. and guess what we found out is coming to Utah in march?! DISNEY ON ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh i'm so excited. We're going March 13th. Grab a date and come with us. =) It'll be way fun. Shell and I are making shirt but only for ourselves this time. no stress for us thank you. ha well a little show called secret life is calling my name. ha
Love truly,

2.22.10 Monday

Today woke up and started the day off right. Got a shower and it felt lovely. I love when mornings start right. Went to class pretty easy stuff. It was a regular day. Talked to justin. =) i love him. He has 2 months today!!!! that is so freakin soon. I can't wait. Math was canceled today so I just studied for my test. It was for human development. Kate helped me study. Went to FHE we talked about what we can do now, during, and after disasters. It was fun. Left early so we could meet up with the missionaries for our lesson. It was an amazing lesson. It was just Holly, Kate, me, and the missionaries. I think it helped a lot. We got to open up a lot more. I loved it. We had to say one thing that we loved about Kate. I think it brought us closer together again. We been not the same for some reason. That was about all the day had in store.

Love truly,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday. 02.21.10

"Jess are going to church? It's 8:40."

"ha yeah."

I woke up to this, this morning. ha all i could do was laugh cause I was just so tired. =) I'm ready for bed now. I think I might go take a nap before we have home teachers and fireside with Elder Hales. Church was good today. My favorite was temple prep today. I loved listening to Bishop Cash. He taughte us about the interview and how we can be ready. I loved it. Got many pointers. After church we had linger longer and the Sisters came with us. They are so funny. I love them. We have a lot of fun with them. There was so much left over food we have enough salad and noodles to save us a life time! ha but we'll take what we can get. Wrote 5 missionaries today. I thought I was caught up but i was wrong. =( ha Oh well I got my favorite ones written.

Elder Hales came and spoke to us. He is so amazing. He said many things that I needed to hear. I love how people that don't even know us can affect us so much. It's amazing. Came home and went to bed.

Goodnight all.
Love truly,

Temple Saturday 02.20.10

Woke up way to early for a Saturday. Got dressed in tights (blah i hate them) and was on our way to Salt Lake City!! We got there about 10:00 a.m. Walked into the temple.. =) I love that feeling. The feeling of peace and knowing that everything I believe is true. Line was very very long, but it gave me the chance to ponder and talk with my heavenly father. Just to sit there and talk with nothing to worry about. I wish I could live in the temple. It's so amazing. We didn't get out till 1:30 but it was worth the time spent in the temple. After we got everyone back together we walked around the visitors center. The sisters gave us a special tour and we got to see a part i've never seen before. The sisters took us into the room where we sat and began to watch a video. It was eternal families. We went to all these different rooms and watched little parts of videos. It was truly amazing and I can't wait for the day that I can have an eternal family. =) The part that touched me the most was when they were in the babies room and they said what do we want to teach her about life. and they said "she is a daughter of god, we love her, and about eternal families. That is exactly what I want to teach my children. I hope that's what they'll always remember. After words I got to go home and see my family for a little while. I love seeing them. They are amazing and the best thing in my life.

Jordan. Jess. Shell. Dax.
We got home and went to the basketball game. We played the Shockers from Kansas. They were pretty good but in the end we won by more than ten!!! It was an awesome game and ended one of the best days ever! =)
Love truly,

Friday, February 19, 2010

02.19.10 Friday

Here goes the start of another busy weekend.
Woke up today still sick but got 10 hours of sleep. That felt very nice. =) Went to class. Oss was pretty easy as usually, POS we watched campaign videos today. It's amazing how stupid people running for President can be. ha Rachel and I laughed pretty hard at some. Picked up application for housing next semester. It's hard to make everyone happy with who to live with but I just decided I don't wanna screw any one over. Made dinner. Homemade potato soup. mmmmm i can smell it right now. Vented to Shell as I made dinner. Made grilled cheese for us for lunch. mmm it was good along with the kiwi strawberry juice. Since we started lent everyone is obbbsessed with juice! Like no joke. It's our way of getting sugar without cheating. Talked to mom today. Boy do i missie her. She's the best mommy in the world. I hope one day that I can even do justice for my children as she has done for me. ha My daughter will call me from college, "mom how do i make this right?" "honey call your grandma, she'll tell you better than me." basically how our conversations will go. Missionaries coming over at 6 tonight. Wonder what they'll teach us about tonight. Tomorrow off you Salt Lake City to walk around temple square and show Kate around. I hope it goes good and she feels the happiness and spirit that I feel there. I want her to be happy. She's an amazing girl and deserves the best there is to life. Not much going on around here. Just shell and I talking and catchin up. I love fridays. =) Well I'll finish later.

Well i'm back. We had the Sister Lopez and Sister Cline over. We had the most spiritual lesson ever. Those missionaries were sent here for a reason!!!! I think I get more out of the lessons than anyone. I talked for the sisters for awhile after. =) they helped me understand a lot tonight. thanks sisters. After that we ran to the store and I got new tooth brushes!!! yay me. =) than we ran home and made pancakes on my floor in my room. It was awesome.

Love truly,
Jess. =)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

02. 18. 10 Thursday

I love getting cute letters when i'm having one of those days! Today was even better. I got pics of Justin! =) He's doing so well and that makes me so happy. He says hi to all our friends and family.

Woke up this morning with a sore throat and a cold. Yay for me! ha Holly has gotten everyone sick. What will we do with her. Went to classes, store, now cleaning my room, then dinner. At the store we spent $15.75 on medicine. That is ridiculous!!! Eric made us get this stuff that doesn't taste very good. It's kinda like a cough drop. I HATE COUGH DROPS! It better make me better. Camille and I feel like drugys now. ha But we'll be them together. I'm going to bed a ten tonight! I swear on everything. Even though class isn't till 10:30 I need the sleep. ha

This is all our medicine! We're never getting sick again

Plenty to do before I can go to bed tonight. Also need to start studying for tests. blah. ha

Love truly,

Jess. =)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 2010

Got a letter from Justin saying the only thing between us now is his birthday. ha His birthday is exactly 1 month today. It's amazing how fast time flies.

Today was a pretty crazy day with class but made it through it. Paper is written and the girls are making dinner tonight! =) I got a night off. ha I love my roommates. I'm getting sad thinking about moving out and not have them live with me. These girls have become my true sisters. We run to each other for everything and boy gossip time is awesome. When girl starts dating a new boy we all wait up waiting to hear about the date or even that kiss. The secret knock comes and than we just look at each other and start screaming! AHHH A KISS. ha who else does that besides me and my roommates. Ha.

On couch: Ashlee, Camille, Jess, Kate, Chirelle

On floor: Holly.
The girls just said dinner is done and Holly is bragging about how she made tator tots. Last time we let her make eggs it was a disaster. ha Oh the good times. Many inside jokes. I think our favorite is "swimming". ha I will for sure miss all these girls when it comes to the end of this semester. But we'll forever be friends.

Tonight the Aggie's are playing Lousiana Tech. It's on ESPN 2. So everyone watch and look for us!! ha you don't wanna forget Bill either. What will his crazy outfit or lack of outfit be for the night. ahahaha Last week Bill made it on the Not Top Ten List on ESPN. Go Aggies!!! Can't wait to do our scottsman again and the winning team chant! =) I love school pride. ha

Well the game was awesome! Tight game the whole time. fans were on fire. ha But in the end The Aggies won!!! 67 to 61. My boy Tai was amazing. I'm glad he's my boyfriend. ha Goodnight to the world. Hello eye lids.

Love truly,


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb. 16th, 2010 aka Tuesday

today was monday classes. had a test in oss that shell and i got to take it on our couch. we basically called my dad and had him do it for us. we got a c on it. ahahaha yay for us.. the test took us 2 1/2 hours. i had to miss my political science class and everything! institute was canceled cause of monday schedule on tuesday. so no classes till four thirty when i went to math. blah math. jessi and i have a funny kid named josh in our class. he's way funny. he told me justin is going to be a trunky here soon. i said NEVER! they'll have to drag that boy off his mission. =) pst did i say that i love him?! oh cause i do. 2 months 5 days today!!! ahaha love it.

yesterday we went to austin's work on a big group date. it's a gymnastics place. i tried to do a back flip! OUCHIE. never again. i hurt my back really bad. woke up this morning sore all over. blah but it was worth it. Jordan my husband wouldn't kiss my knee better last night so Austin kissed it better for me. He hurt his knee tonight and asked me to kiss his better for him.

kate looked us out of our room! oh goodness not again. daxie is trying to break in my room. shell told him if he gets it open she'll wait six years for him and if not they're getting married in 1 year! ha he tried so very hard. poor daxie. now he has to get a ring very fast. ahaha This is them picking our lock. We really didn't want to pay the $1 do get our door opened. =( i think we're going to have to anyways.

sister missionaries came over and gave us a lesson about the law of chasity. i promised not to break the law of chasity ever. so i have to wait till i get married. =) i think my husband will be very happy with me when were sitting across the alter in the Salt Lake Temple (on August 12th, 2010)

well lent starts tomorrow so we have to eat lots of candy and sugary food tonight. yay for tonight. blah for the next 40 days and 40 nights. =( hopefullly i can make it!!! GO US!!! ha

well time to sign off for the night. got to dye dan's hair and watch secret life tonight.

love truly,

jess. =)
p.s. bug isn't happy today. joshie leaves for surgery tomorrow. =(

2 . 16 . 10 . Tuesday.

My bestie friend Chirelle set up this cute online blog for me. She is amazing. Now. I need to keep this journal up. and one day it will turn into Justin and Jess' online blog. Once we get married that is. He's serving the lord on a LDS mission right now, in california. I miss him so much and I can't wait til he gets home.

This is my bestie friendie. hahaha. we have some wonderful spontaneous times together. I love it!