Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2.22.10 Monday

Today woke up and started the day off right. Got a shower and it felt lovely. I love when mornings start right. Went to class pretty easy stuff. It was a regular day. Talked to justin. =) i love him. He has 2 months today!!!! that is so freakin soon. I can't wait. Math was canceled today so I just studied for my test. It was for human development. Kate helped me study. Went to FHE we talked about what we can do now, during, and after disasters. It was fun. Left early so we could meet up with the missionaries for our lesson. It was an amazing lesson. It was just Holly, Kate, me, and the missionaries. I think it helped a lot. We got to open up a lot more. I loved it. We had to say one thing that we loved about Kate. I think it brought us closer together again. We been not the same for some reason. That was about all the day had in store.

Love truly,

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