Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Good morning!
I'M GETTING MARRIED!!! In 106 days. =) well it's unoffically offical. Temple called, honeymoon book, and many things. Just waiting for my cute poor boyfriend to porpose. It's crazy how fast things really go when it's right. Justin found out his major got moved to Weber. Ever since we decided to move to Ogden now everything is going perfect. We've got a house, jobs, school, and family. Everything is perfect. Boy do I love him. He's got a job interview at impact guns in SLC. Hopefully he gets the job. If he does we've got to buy a new car! yay. ha well need to shower and go to class.
much love

Friday, April 23, 2010

04.22 his homecoming.

So I didn't think i would get to post our story till after the weekend but i found myself laying in bed wide awake excited to see justin this morning so i thought i would let all you guys in on our first day back together.

It all started out at 3 am. I couldn't sleep cause i was so excited and nervous. I tried everything I could think of to sleep but nothing worked. I finally gave up and slowly found things to distract me till about 6:30 when everyone started waking up getting ready for work and school. My dad was probably the best one to talk to that morning. As him and I talked about what was going to come that day he told me, " i'm sorry jess, but i do not allow mexicans in our house so you can't see justin. (he went spanish speaking so he's the mexican around here now) I turned looked at my dad and said, "dad you have 2 half mexican children!" we both sat and laughed awhile. Then the morning slooooooooowly went by. Everything was ready: my sign, family, me, hair done, make up on, clothes on. We got in the car at 10:45. Picked up my little brother from preschool, got some lunch, stopped at the store, and then headed to the airport. We got there found everyone and his plane was coming in not at 12:37 but now 12:28!!! We all sat waiting for about 20 min and then a security guard came down and was like what flight are you waiting for? we told him and he called the tower and asked if flight 4768 had landed yet. HE WAS HERE! now waiting for him to get down the stairs to us. We sat waiting and then there he was! BAMB. This huge glowing ball of light looking down at us. I couldn't tell if he had saw me so i just stood in the back cause i knew we couldn't hug but only shake hands. He slowly started around the huge group of people waiting for him it see me, and you could tell he was searching for me then our eyes meet! Huge fireworks going off and all those feelings i had before he left rushing more strong than ever before inside of me. He just smiled at me. As he got down to the last few of us his hand went for my mom then sister then he got to me. Standing 10 billion miles apart it felt like we just stood there. wanting to hug more than every we just stared smiling. everyone looking at us he just whisipered to me still very far away from me 6 more hours, 6 more hours. We've got this. We got everything taken care of and got up to the cars. We said our goodbyes and he told me he would call me. I waited and waited and waited and waited. The day your missionary gets home you think the waiting is over, but guess what it's not. You wait at the airport then for him to be released. 4 hours pass and he finally calls telling me he's getting relased in 15 min and it should take no longer than 15 min. 5:45 hits no justin. 6 hits no justin. Finally at 6:15 he shows up and we HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!! i did not want to let go. Everything was normal the rest of the night. Just as if we were picking up where we left off. it was amazing. =) the night progressed and we went to an awards thing for his brother austin. as we were leaving to come home we were walking the hall of weber university and i told him how i was so nervous that he would get off the plane and be like ok jk i don't love you anymore jess. we laughed and then we stopped right before hitting the doors. He took me in his arms looked me in the eyes and said he had been in the temple the day before and all he could think about is how he wanted me there with him. standing with him going through the temple with him. he knew that i was to be there with him. already being so giddy from the day i just sat there with a huge smile and he leaned in and kissed me!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH i was freakin out! this was perfect. =) we walked to the car and he translated this song from spanish that described a guy wanting a girl to wait for him. it was us so much. we then journeyed home visiting my grandparents and then going home to my family. we got home and we're all just talking. i got my computer out to help justin decide on classes and what not when he had his hand on my knee and my dad flipped. he said sorry but i still see you as a missionary. you can hold her hand but i need time to see your hand on her knee. i was just laughing. i was so happy to be with him again. we sat there cuddled up for hours just talking and getting to know each other again. =) then i decided to pull out my scriptures. we read in 3 nephi about how the apostles wanted to go straight to heaven and live to be 72. justin explained how that was his 2 year mission. then he said the other 3 asked that they be able to live forever and teach of thy gospel. he then said i need a companion to be with me forever and ever to help teach the gospel with me. will you be my companion forever and ever. i sat there just smiling and said are you sure you really want me? he said he wouldn't pick anyone more perfect. i then said i would love to and we kissed. i can't believe how comfortable we were with each other. i asked him if it was weird being home. he said yes but nothing with me was weird. he knew we were right and that was all he needed to know. as we looked at the clock seeing that it was almost 1 justin said i can't believe he hadn't been kicked out. cause he always was before at 12. my parents door opened and my mom said it was time for him to leave. i walked him to his car where we said our good night prayer. i handed him my phone and he took it for the night and i borrowed my sisters. we said our good nights and then the rest is still yet to come.

from this past 2 years i've realized how much i truly do love justin and how because we've done this we will be able to make it through eternity together with the help of our heavenly father. we are a strong team and we'll fight to the end. i love you justin dean hull. we just want to thank all our family and friends who have supported us through these past 2 years. it means a lot tous. maybe i can get some more sleep now. goodnight.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

04. 06. 2010

Today was an interesting day. woke up at 5 am to snow plows all around logan. they were so freakin LOUD!!! Got back to sleep and woke up and got ready for interview. Went to interview went great but as i was observing i got this really sick feeling like this isn't where i should be. Came home talked to mom and dad and decided to fast about if i should stay here for the summer. As i knelt and was praying i just asked "i feel like i should be going home for the summer. is this what i should do?" I got an over whelming comfort of peace that was what i've been waiting for. =) thank you heavenly father. studied for physics class. will came over and stuidied with me for awhile. i think i actually did pretty good about it!! thank you for you old notes camille! =) i owe you my life. came home did math homework, went to math early cause jessi and i both needed help. went to math came home. made dinner. ended my fast. ate dinner. wrote my cute little mish for the second to last time. =) all the roommates had an off day so we decided to go see last song. i'm excited!!!! =)

well it's a new day. got plenty of sleep. =) about time. fell asleep to justin's videos and his bear. woke up got ready for class and had a review for my test in oss. now just special needs institute and math! oh and did i mention i only missed 2 on the multiple choice on my physics tests!!!! freak yes!!! i was so freakin happy. =) came home made lunch for shell and i. our favorite soft bean burritos!! yay us. ha now just in my room facebooking, blogging, and gossiping like always. ha boy do i love my bestie friend! 15 DAYS TILL HE'S HOME!! oh my gosh can you believe it. finally after 2 years. he gets home on the 22nd at 12:31 p.m. i'm so excited but no touching till after he is released at like freakin 6:30. i can do this i can do this! ha boy do i love that boy. i don't care what anyone says i'm going to marry that boy one day! =) well got to do that darn math homework. kill me now. ha
love always and forever
and soon justin. =)