Tuesday, April 6, 2010

04. 06. 2010

Today was an interesting day. woke up at 5 am to snow plows all around logan. they were so freakin LOUD!!! Got back to sleep and woke up and got ready for interview. Went to interview went great but as i was observing i got this really sick feeling like this isn't where i should be. Came home talked to mom and dad and decided to fast about if i should stay here for the summer. As i knelt and was praying i just asked "i feel like i should be going home for the summer. is this what i should do?" I got an over whelming comfort of peace that was what i've been waiting for. =) thank you heavenly father. studied for physics class. will came over and stuidied with me for awhile. i think i actually did pretty good about it!! thank you for you old notes camille! =) i owe you my life. came home did math homework, went to math early cause jessi and i both needed help. went to math came home. made dinner. ended my fast. ate dinner. wrote my cute little mish for the second to last time. =) all the roommates had an off day so we decided to go see last song. i'm excited!!!! =)

well it's a new day. got plenty of sleep. =) about time. fell asleep to justin's videos and his bear. woke up got ready for class and had a review for my test in oss. now just special needs institute and math! oh and did i mention i only missed 2 on the multiple choice on my physics tests!!!! freak yes!!! i was so freakin happy. =) came home made lunch for shell and i. our favorite soft bean burritos!! yay us. ha now just in my room facebooking, blogging, and gossiping like always. ha boy do i love my bestie friend! 15 DAYS TILL HE'S HOME!! oh my gosh can you believe it. finally after 2 years. he gets home on the 22nd at 12:31 p.m. i'm so excited but no touching till after he is released at like freakin 6:30. i can do this i can do this! ha boy do i love that boy. i don't care what anyone says i'm going to marry that boy one day! =) well got to do that darn math homework. kill me now. ha
love always and forever
and soon justin. =)

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