Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20th, 2010

It's been awhile. So much going on not sure where to begin or how to feel about anything. One of those nights I really just needed a friend to sit with me and let me know everything was ok. One friend on airplane back to Indy, bestie friend in Logan with her boyfriend, roommates all at home, Justin still on his mish, family in St. George on vaca. It's kinda nice having the house to basically to myself, can get a lot of thinking done. Can I ask a question? What does I love you mean? Is it just words or is there a deeper meaning? I thought it was when someone felt that they would give there life for that person. Not let anything get in between them. Deep strong feelings. Not just a word thrown out like it was candy. I find it frustrating when people think you say it and start telling the world that you said I LOVE YOU when simply all you did was say i like you. to close phrases yet so many different meanings. How could these two words be mistaken so easily. All because the person that tells everyone did not understand sign language and assumed what they believed to be told. The words were never spoken or said but assumed. Some may say it was her fault for signing and not explaining, some may say that it is the assumers fault, but it is really no ones fault. Just a mishap that should have been solved through communication that was obviously not present. It is was just another friendship lost like so many before that one. Now they both move on, only remembering one blissful night dancing under the stars. They move on with seperate lives, becoming better people and pressing forward, meeting new people, and people coming home.
This past week has been pretty amazing, crazy, and blah. Started off with the weekend going to disney on ice. it was a lot of fun. Sunday gave the lesson in relief society, blah not so good. monday and tuesday lay back relax days. went to the park and got to swing and it wasn't freezing for the first time this year! wednesday went to logan for date night with ash and jon oh yeah eric was my date. he was here all week. forgot to mention that. thursday was very sick. throwing up and high feezers. eric and mom took care of me all day. i started feeling better so i sat up for awhile. eric went to his old comp marks and then they went to see a family from their mission the miles. they think i'm a fake person. ha got sick again. eric came home and him and dad gave me a blessing. friday spent the day with eric's family eating lunch with his 94 year old great grandma and his purple hair grandma. it was fun. Went and visited his uncle Rhett's grave. he died while choking on his mission. back up to his aunts house for dinner and games. got home about 10. watched a movie went to bed. today got up mom and ash took all the hair stuff on their trip so i was out of everything. pulled my hair up and went and got eric then to the airport we went. dropped him off and then came home and took josh to Iggy's for lunch. Came home slept for awhile and then took Josh to the new Percy Jackson movie. It was an amazing movie!! loved every min. now sitting home blogging and trying to clear my head. well should go find something for josh to eat for dinner. night yall.
love truly.
jess. =)
p.s. 32 days.

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