Thursday, February 18, 2010

02. 18. 10 Thursday

I love getting cute letters when i'm having one of those days! Today was even better. I got pics of Justin! =) He's doing so well and that makes me so happy. He says hi to all our friends and family.

Woke up this morning with a sore throat and a cold. Yay for me! ha Holly has gotten everyone sick. What will we do with her. Went to classes, store, now cleaning my room, then dinner. At the store we spent $15.75 on medicine. That is ridiculous!!! Eric made us get this stuff that doesn't taste very good. It's kinda like a cough drop. I HATE COUGH DROPS! It better make me better. Camille and I feel like drugys now. ha But we'll be them together. I'm going to bed a ten tonight! I swear on everything. Even though class isn't till 10:30 I need the sleep. ha

This is all our medicine! We're never getting sick again

Plenty to do before I can go to bed tonight. Also need to start studying for tests. blah. ha

Love truly,

Jess. =)

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