Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb. 16th, 2010 aka Tuesday

today was monday classes. had a test in oss that shell and i got to take it on our couch. we basically called my dad and had him do it for us. we got a c on it. ahahaha yay for us.. the test took us 2 1/2 hours. i had to miss my political science class and everything! institute was canceled cause of monday schedule on tuesday. so no classes till four thirty when i went to math. blah math. jessi and i have a funny kid named josh in our class. he's way funny. he told me justin is going to be a trunky here soon. i said NEVER! they'll have to drag that boy off his mission. =) pst did i say that i love him?! oh cause i do. 2 months 5 days today!!! ahaha love it.

yesterday we went to austin's work on a big group date. it's a gymnastics place. i tried to do a back flip! OUCHIE. never again. i hurt my back really bad. woke up this morning sore all over. blah but it was worth it. Jordan my husband wouldn't kiss my knee better last night so Austin kissed it better for me. He hurt his knee tonight and asked me to kiss his better for him.

kate looked us out of our room! oh goodness not again. daxie is trying to break in my room. shell told him if he gets it open she'll wait six years for him and if not they're getting married in 1 year! ha he tried so very hard. poor daxie. now he has to get a ring very fast. ahaha This is them picking our lock. We really didn't want to pay the $1 do get our door opened. =( i think we're going to have to anyways.

sister missionaries came over and gave us a lesson about the law of chasity. i promised not to break the law of chasity ever. so i have to wait till i get married. =) i think my husband will be very happy with me when were sitting across the alter in the Salt Lake Temple (on August 12th, 2010)

well lent starts tomorrow so we have to eat lots of candy and sugary food tonight. yay for tonight. blah for the next 40 days and 40 nights. =( hopefullly i can make it!!! GO US!!! ha

well time to sign off for the night. got to dye dan's hair and watch secret life tonight.

love truly,

jess. =)
p.s. bug isn't happy today. joshie leaves for surgery tomorrow. =(

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