Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday. 02.21.10

"Jess are going to church? It's 8:40."

"ha yeah."

I woke up to this, this morning. ha all i could do was laugh cause I was just so tired. =) I'm ready for bed now. I think I might go take a nap before we have home teachers and fireside with Elder Hales. Church was good today. My favorite was temple prep today. I loved listening to Bishop Cash. He taughte us about the interview and how we can be ready. I loved it. Got many pointers. After church we had linger longer and the Sisters came with us. They are so funny. I love them. We have a lot of fun with them. There was so much left over food we have enough salad and noodles to save us a life time! ha but we'll take what we can get. Wrote 5 missionaries today. I thought I was caught up but i was wrong. =( ha Oh well I got my favorite ones written.

Elder Hales came and spoke to us. He is so amazing. He said many things that I needed to hear. I love how people that don't even know us can affect us so much. It's amazing. Came home and went to bed.

Goodnight all.
Love truly,

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