Friday, February 19, 2010

02.19.10 Friday

Here goes the start of another busy weekend.
Woke up today still sick but got 10 hours of sleep. That felt very nice. =) Went to class. Oss was pretty easy as usually, POS we watched campaign videos today. It's amazing how stupid people running for President can be. ha Rachel and I laughed pretty hard at some. Picked up application for housing next semester. It's hard to make everyone happy with who to live with but I just decided I don't wanna screw any one over. Made dinner. Homemade potato soup. mmmmm i can smell it right now. Vented to Shell as I made dinner. Made grilled cheese for us for lunch. mmm it was good along with the kiwi strawberry juice. Since we started lent everyone is obbbsessed with juice! Like no joke. It's our way of getting sugar without cheating. Talked to mom today. Boy do i missie her. She's the best mommy in the world. I hope one day that I can even do justice for my children as she has done for me. ha My daughter will call me from college, "mom how do i make this right?" "honey call your grandma, she'll tell you better than me." basically how our conversations will go. Missionaries coming over at 6 tonight. Wonder what they'll teach us about tonight. Tomorrow off you Salt Lake City to walk around temple square and show Kate around. I hope it goes good and she feels the happiness and spirit that I feel there. I want her to be happy. She's an amazing girl and deserves the best there is to life. Not much going on around here. Just shell and I talking and catchin up. I love fridays. =) Well I'll finish later.

Well i'm back. We had the Sister Lopez and Sister Cline over. We had the most spiritual lesson ever. Those missionaries were sent here for a reason!!!! I think I get more out of the lessons than anyone. I talked for the sisters for awhile after. =) they helped me understand a lot tonight. thanks sisters. After that we ran to the store and I got new tooth brushes!!! yay me. =) than we ran home and made pancakes on my floor in my room. It was awesome.

Love truly,
Jess. =)

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  1. Yay! I made it onto your blog! Happy day :) Hope you get feeling better soon! Let me know if you need anything!