Monday, April 11, 2011

Ty's Surgery!

Well Ty is finally out of surgery!!!! Doctors say it went great. He is in recovery right now, still not awake. The Doctor said there was so much infection in his bone they had to take the whole bone out, but now the infection doesn't have a place to hide and make him so sick. Now all we have to do is keep him from running, jumping, and falling for 6 weeks. Does this doctor not know any 6 year olds. Which kid at age 6 will listen as you sit him or her down and tell her basically your to live in a box for 6 weeks and never move. I THINK NOT! We're just glad he's doing well though. We all can't wait for him and mom to come home tomorrow. Got to Love our little Ty.

1 comment:

  1. Poor Tyler. :( Glad to hear he is doing ok. And good luck with the next few weeks! Ha ha ha.. silly doctors! :P