Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8th!!!

Well it's been one of those weeks filled with work, cooking, work, and cooking. ha with the way our schedules work I feel that we go to work or school come home and then eat and go to bed. The things this cute little baby does to me. =) Got my bonus tuesday which was AMAZING! It was a lot of money boy can i say! More then a normal check for me. So mom and I went shopping. Got new decoration for my door and I bought a new outfit and a dress for church! I love my new dress. It's so light weight so i won't get hot! yay!!!!!! Then justin and I went a picked out our pack'n'play. Which I always jsut call a Graco. It's so cute and the baby will love sleeping in it!!! I'll put a picture of it later. Just wanted to hurry and write my last few days out before I forget. Justin doesn't understand why I use this as a journal cause everyone can read it but I only write for my children to one day know how life is for me so it'll be read anyways. ha Boys just don't understantd. Going to put up the crib now! yay!!! it's getting so close. Loves.

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