Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16th...

Being pregnant can be a very emotional time. I've found this out the more and more I go through this. I found myself crying most of yesterday not knowing what to do with my life. Work has been heck, the baby wouldn't let me see him on the ultra sound, justin's leaving for a week, and I have no friends. I just don't know what to do with my life anymore. I would love to be in school right now but I know I need to help J get through first. I guess i'm just at that point in my life I need to take a step back and realize everything I have. I want to be happy it just seems to slip away from me sometimes. I've been given 2 of the best gifts in the world. A husband who I love dearly and a healthy baby on his way. I am very gratefull to my heavenly father for both of them. Justin did surprise me with putting up the crib while Ash was doing my nails yesterday. That was fun. We sat in Karston's room and he just rocked me for awhile.

Fillmore is approaching slowly. I wish it would come faster. I wanna go so bad. I need a break from everything here. I just wish I got to ride my favorite trail this year. I only get to go on the easy stuff. No riding down the river and up to the indian writings. Just look how beautiful it looks! Hopefully we'll make it down again before fall so I can ride it once this year.

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