Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10th HELP!!

No one ever talks about the none fun parts of being pregnant. ha These past few weeks I've had heartburn so bad it gets to the point that I throw up. My body doesn't digest anything and I just feel so tired. Everything everyone tells me to try works for about 30 min and then BAM i'm back to square one. it's not so fun but then I remember the cute little guy inside me and how he is worth all this. I love him so much. We have a doctors appointment on friday and hopefully all goes well.

Ash and I have had a lot of fun the past few days. We scrap booked a bunch of pages the other night and then yesterday we found her a new prom dress. It's gorgeous. Luckily my amazing husband allowed us to help buy it so she could have it. He thought the dress would be like 400 dollars and it was only 170! He is so good to me. =) we were just going "looking" and when we came home with a dress my parents didn't believe us. ha oh little do they know we were honest the whole time except we told them we got it for $100. but shhhh they don't need to know anything different. Her date is pretty excited to wear pink. which surprised us both. We still also need sleeves.

Nursery went really well today. All the kids had fun and we learned about families. This was a hard lesson cause everyone wanted mom or dad today, but we got through it. We got out late so we saw a few people we knew and everyone though we were inactive cause we are in nursery and no one sees us. The bishop thinks i'm due in 3 weeks which makes me laugh. I said 3 months and he heard weeks. Well I better sign off for now my cute husband misses his wifey. it looks so lonely and sad when i'm not cuddled up right next to him. But how could I say no to his cute face?

Just look at it. =) Boy do I love him. Well for now word and love.

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