Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2nd, 2011

Well today will be an interesting one. I'm leaving here shortly to go visit my brother Josh. He's been in a lot of trouble these past year. I would say what for what it bring back a lot of bagage with it and I don't wanna remember the things that have happened. I'm really nervous to go see him. I couldn't sleep all night thinking about it. I kept having this dream that he hurt my baby and it scares me more than anything. I know he can't do anything cause he'll be gone for a long time but I still feel like this little guy inside me......i don't even know what I'm trying to say. On a happier note ash did my nails last night. It was her first set of nails on a person! It took us ALL NIGHT! ha 3 1/2 hours. Which honestly I didn't think was to bad for her first time but I had to give her a hard time. After all she is my little sis. =) For it being her first set she didn't do bad at all. I'm not trying to rip them off yet which means something. ha I'm one that has to have them perfect too so she must have done good. ha Justin loves that I have nails back on too. He knew I didn't sleep well all night so he would roll over kiss me and then tell me "know what would make you feel better?! scratching my back." he thinks he's so funny. It must of been an off night of sleep for him too cause I would wake up and the blanket would be over my head and he would be saying we had to protect me and the baby from the bolder dust. ha He's such a protecter. I love him. Well now it's a new day. Was to busy to finish last night. The meeting with Josh went well. He seems so much more humble and was really excited to see us all. I was glad I went. I actually miss him, but I know it's better for him being there. We also went to Shane Co. and got Ash's graduation ring. It's gorgeous! She's upset that she can't wear it till graduation day, I just hope that my parents stick to that. It was fun being with them all yesterday cause it felt like when it was just the four of us before. Today has been a good day also cause of all the messages of conference. It's amazing how much the spirit really does touch the speakers. They all spoke directly to me I feel. We're just finishing up conference then dinner with Brian and Kat. Turkey dinner today! yummmmmmy. The baby can smell it and is kickin like crazy. ha =) Well that is all for today. Till tomorrow LOVES and WORDS. 98 days (3months 7days) till our little guy is here! yay only 14 more weeks.

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