Friday, June 15, 2012

Loves and Freedom

Well day 1 of being a full time mommy went well. It was justin's day off yesterday too so we had fun spending the day as a family. Ash had her bridal shower hosted by non other than myself. It was funny. So glad that everyone could show up..Today I went to the doctor and Keaston is still a boy! ha He's doing so good and is 7 oz now. I can't believe how active he's been today. It will be fun to see what he looks like when he is born.

My aunt Traci started running Ragnar today! She just text me and she is finished with her hardest part of the race!!! yay. She is alive. She said it was the hardest but best thing she has ever done. I would love to run it with her next year. I'm going up to volunteer tomorrow and see her. I'm excited to see all them running. It'll be fun.

Justin has been crazy busy at work with his new promotion. I'm so proud of him. All his hard work is paying off. I can't wait for him to be done with school and doing what he truly loves.

Laundry is calling my name.

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