Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 8th Best day of our lives!

Well lets start off with July 7th at 1:10 in the afternoon. My mom and I had just gotten back from looking for my sister and new bed set. I started to walk up the stairs into my mom's house and.....MY WATER BROKE!!! I wasn't sure what was going on and my mom was like go to the bathroom and see if it really did. I got in the bathroom and I had no idea what I was doing! I yelled for my mom to help me decide if I really had and than all this water came out again. I called Justin at work and told him to come get me. He of course did not believe me at first when I told him. He rushed home and off to the hospital we went. We got there and got all checked in and they said well you can have your epidural right now if you want and I said I wanted to wait to see what contractions felt like and everything. That lasted about 4 hours. I started getting really bad and fast ones. Justin said this is enough and pushed the call light. The nurse came in and he was like give the drugs NOW! ha It didn't hurt as bad as I though it would be at all. Honestly I think the IV that was put in my hand hurt worse than the epidural. Call me crazy but it's true. Than I spiked a fever which meant infection somewhere which is not good for the baby they would send him to nicu when he was born. Than he was faced up which is harder to deliver and than he had pooped inside me. It was like all this bad news all at once. They put new IV fluids in me that were cold to try and bring down my temp along with ice packs and no blankets for me. I was freezing cold. They gave me medicine to try and bring it down but my stomach was empty so I just felt sick. Than Dr. Cox popped in. He said nothing good was on TV that night so he came in to push things along faster. ha He had me start doing pre pushing and everyone goes LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR. yay my baby had hair. =) than he got the baby turned around. Thank goodness. We pushed for about 15 min and he said ok lets get this baby out. I was pushing and justin kept saying there he is jess there is our baby. After only 5 pushes he was out. Because of the pooping they had a resp nurse there to look at him, but she didn't get the chance to look at him because he started crying the min his feet came out. He was gorgeous!!! =) I couldn't believe he was finally here.

Karston Dean Hull

Born 7/8/2011 12:33 am

9lbs 2 oz 21 1/2 inch

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  1. i love you and this sweet little baby k. =) you done well jess and justin. <3